Environmental Responsibility

Our commitments

Hiking in mountains means a daily encounter with Nature’s beauty, strength and incredible diversity. Mountains are an unending source of wonder and awe. 

However, they are also vulnerable, under the direct threat of global warming and biodiversity loss.

Every one of us has a role to play against the urgent climate crisis.

Our commitments at Terres de Trek

Inspire people to protect Nature

By bringing them to the most beautiful mountains, off the main paths, to encounter the countless riches of the mountain world.

Raise awareness of acting now

Glaciers give witness to climate evolution. They are a page in the history of our planet that we read while hiking near high mountain terrain.

Encourage less and better consumption

For Terres de Trek this means first advocating for more adventure at our doorstep. In France we are lucky to have a rare diversity of mountains, landscapes and natural environments. 

You are welcome to experience this during the treks and snowshoeing hikes I have prepared for you in the Alps.

Treks in remote destinations are limited to 1 or 2 per year, to emphasise how exceptional these trips must remain. The destinations are carefully selected for the richness of the exchanges with local communities and the unique landscapes crossed. Your journey abroad with Terres de Trek is an invitation to deepen your love for our planet.

Acting for sustainable development

As a member of the 1% for the Planet non-profit organisation, Terres de Trek commits to donate a minimum of 1% of its annual sales to nature protection.  

The carbon footprint of all air and ground transports on remote tours are compensated with funding carbon captation projects oriented towards durability and implication of local communities: mangrove plantations, reforesting and agroforestry.  

During our treks we take care of adopting behaviour respectful of the local cultures, as well as limiting our waste and encouraging waste processing.

Our local partners are selected for their effort towards nature protection and the fair remuneration of people in the business.

séjour rando éco-responsable