Mountain hiking

Hiking in Briançon Serre-Chevalier, Névache and Montgenèvre

An immersion in the mountains

Ideally located between the majestic Ecrins mountains, the gentle and beautiful Clarée valley and the rich flora and fauna in Queyras, the surroundings of Briançon Serre-Chevalier, Névache and Montgenèvre area are a wild paradise for lovers of scenic nature hikes.

For a weekend, a day or a half day hike, discover group itineraries carefully selected to suit different tastes and physical levels.

Group hikes

1/2 day : 30 € / pers
Day : 40€ / pers

Bring your picnic food for day hikes

Personalised hikes

Do you have a certain trip in mind? Looking for a more complete immersion in nature? A night in a refuge or under the stars? Want to summit some peaks? Contact me for help with planning a personalised hike.

Here are different configurations that are possible for individual projects for 1 to 8 people.

1/2 day

140 €/group


220 €/group

2 days in a refuge

Hike and spend one night in a mountain refuge

Budget 40€ to 50€ more for a half-board option at the refuge

2 days bivouac

Hike and spend one night camping under the stars

Tents and mats provided
Bring your sleeping bag and your meals

Online booking